日中韓学生アニメーション共同制作 co-work







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Report 166 「日中韓文化芸術教育フォーラム2017」

Japan-China-Korea International Animation Co-work Curriculum

Summary of Project

Three top universities of film and new media (including animation) from Japan, China and Korea – Tokyo University of the Arts, Communication University of China and Korea National University of Arts – will organize an international collaborative practicum of animation. Attending students from the three universities will form mixed groups to work together on the whole animation-making process from planning to production, culminating with a screening of the completed films.

Global Human Resource on the project

– To develop human resources with a global perspective
– To develop human resources with knowledge and skills that can be applied to international collaborative projects
– To nurture leaders in the globalization of film, new media and animation

Feature on the project

This is a globally unprecedented, extremely advanced and practical project that allows students from three different countries to work together in mixed groups on the whole animation-making process from planning to production. Significant educational effects and favorable social impacts can be expected since the students will be participating from and collaborating with three renowned international film and media institutions that represent three countries with acclaimed film, media and animation fields – Japan, China and South Korea. The experience of jointly producing a project with other future leaders from foreign countries will undoubtedly be beneficial to tripartite creations that are expected to increase in the coming years.

Last Updat: April 09, 2018