Geidai Power Creation Initiative:
Only One Global Strategy

Project Summary


  • Enhance functions to nurture global human resources through the invitation of world’s leading artist units and the establishment of international joint curricula.
  • As a leading institution in East Asia, leverage the collaborative platform with overseas universities and organizations to nurture world’s top artists and elevate “Geidai” to an internationally recognized brand.
  • Carry out own global strategies and human resource development by utilizing artistic potentials of the Ueno region and working in line with the government’s initiative “Global Cultural Capital Ueno” for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.
  • Create a network of art and culture to gain a global recognition for the regional attractions of Ueno and develop the region as a global cultural capital.

Future Visions for the Top Global University Project

  • Play a leading role in global contributions and in creating/disseminating artistic culture, by leveraging Geidai-educated human resources with excellent skills, knowledge, creativity and identity.
  • Clarify and internationally disseminate the strengths and unique features of the university, and establish a more international presence.
  • Provide an international platform to communicate the value of the Japanese art culture through the introduction of art concierges served by the faculty and the students of Geidai.
  • Make Ueno a world largest art platform, and through the integrated art resources, establish a network of art culture in the global city of Tokyo.

Last Updated: June 22, 2018