• Selected for the “Top Global University Project” by the Japanese government (FY 2014)
  • Selected for the “Re-Inventing Japan Project” by the Japanese government (FY 2015)

News & Topics


  • 2017.1.19

    [My Experience at GEIDAI 19] Oh Yunjae(Graduate school of Film and New Media)


  • 2017.1.17

    The 2016 Semester 2 Joint Class for Japanese and International Students


  • 2017.1.13

    [My Experience at GEIDAI 18] Sabrina Horak (Graduate school of fine arts)


  • Global Vision

    TUA will distinguish itself from other arts universities, even those in the top international league to reach the summit of global arts education.

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  • Globalization Policy

    Introducing TUA’s Globalization and future visions from the view of Admissions, Education/Research, Career, Studying abroad/International Cultural Exchange, and Public Collaboration.

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  • Reports

    Introducing reports of various activities that students and faculty members had both domestic and overseas. Have a look on our global and active “Power of GEIDAI”

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