Welcome party for international students 2017


On May 18, 2017, a welcome party for international students who entered Tokyo University of the Arts (TUA) in this spring was held at the University Hall with the aim of fostering closer relationship among them as well as with faculty and staff.

Following a welcome speech by President Kazuki Sawa, on behalf of the newly enrolled international students, Ms. Tanja Maria Karoliina Sillman, a graduate student from Finland in The Graduate School of Global Arts, delivered her speech in Japanese referring to a last year’s bestseller book which described TUA as an unexplored region. She stated that TUA should become more and more chaotic by accepting students from diverse backgrounds who explore their own specialties.

Among the attendees were guests from organizations providing financial supports and assistance to international students studying in Japan, who explained their support systems for such students. Vice President Mitsuko Okamoto, who is in charge of international exchange and overseas student, expressed her gratitude to the guests and their continuous supports to international students.

Faculty of Fine Arts Dean Katsuhiko Hibino held forward his glass in a toast. The participating students enjoyed conversation with other attendees over food and drink. As the party was warming up with conversation, the respective students introduced themselves in Japanese with their names, citizenships, and specialties at TUA.

A harp performance by Ms. Sara Vlajic, a research student from Serbia in String Instrument fascinated everyone at the venue.

The faculty and staff are all committed to providing support to new international students, so that they will be able to receive the most benefit from their time at TUA.