Seoul-Tokyo Art Research Workshop


Basic Information

Participants:8 graduate students of the Graduate School of Global Art
Location:Seoul and Gwangju, Republic of Korea
Period:Sept. 5-8, 2016


Students in TUA’s Global Art course and those in the Fine Arts and Music programs of Seoul National University (SNU) came together to hold a joint research workshop, during which they made presentations on the current art and cultural scenes in Tokyo and Seoul and discussed what they can viably realize if they organize a project or exhibition in Tokyo and Seoul. Furthermore, they inspected some art and cultural facilities in Seoul for a feasibility study.

The workshop that was held at the Seoul National University Asia Center (SNUAC) and the Museum of Art (MoA) included the keynote discussion attended by Professor Baegyoon Park of SNUAC as well as TUA’s Professor Mouri and Professor Kumakura, the presentations by all the participating TUA students on urban city and art space, the presentations by graduate students of SNU. In addition, the participants visited MoA and greeted by the MoA director, and attended the lectures by Associate Professors Boyoon Her and SngKn Kim from SNU’s Fine Arts and Music colleges. At the end of the workshop, all the participants congregated in a public symposium.

Furthermore, they also conducted field research in Seoul and Gwangju. Their destinations in Seoul included National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea (MMCA), and alternative spaces and art spaces. In Gwangju, they toured the facilities of the Asian Culture Center (ACC) with the curators and staff members there. They also visited the Guwangju Biennale that was taking place during their stay in Gwangju and conducted research through interacting with local artists and curators.