Taipei-Tokyo Stone Road: Stone Road in Taipei Exhibition


Basic Information

Participants:7 students in stone sculpture
Location:Taipei and Hualien, Taiwan
Period:Sept. 13-18, 2016


A group of TUA students and professors in the sculpture studio traveled to Taiwan to see the Stone Road in Taipei exhibition, which was jointly organized with National Taiwan University of Arts (NTUA). A total of 27 Japanese and Taiwanese artists, who are professors, graduates, students of stone sculpture at TUA and NTUA, exhibited their works at the Red Gold Fine Art gallery in the city of Taipei. Despite the stormy weather outside, the exhibition received many people to mark a successful opening. Young sculptors from Japan and Taiwan were exchanging opinions in front of their works, which evoked an image of the future artists who engage on the global stage. The TUA members also visited the NYUA campus and attended a lecture by Professor Wang at the sculpture studio. Although it was a short time, the visit was significant enough to have them recognize the differences in educational environment between the two universities. In Hualien, where they had intended to visit a production site and a factory of marble stones, they had to change their plan due to the typhoon. Instead, they were able to visit a local artist’s studio, where they got much inspired by the talk and works of the artist. Furthermore, an unscheduled visit to a factory with a latest 3D stone cutting machine was realized thanks to Professor Wang and Professor Sung. Despite the bad weather, the whole trip including the exhibition was so fulfilling for the group. The experience in Taiwan will further motivate the participating students to work with a global perspective.