Spaceless: A collaborative exhibition in South Korea


Basic Information

Participants:16 current and former graduate students in Japanese painting
Location:Seoul, Republic of Korea
Period:October 2-6, 2016


Students and faculty members of the three universities, Tokyo University of the Arts(Japan), State Academy of Visual Arts Stuttgart(Germany), and Seoul University(South Korea) came together at Seoul University to exhibit their works in the collaborative exhibition titled ”Spaceless.”

This is the forth exhibition of the international collaborative project that is focused on the traditional paintings in East Asia. This year, the exhibition featured Japanese kakejiku, or hanging scroll, as well as the possibilities of this traditional display method. Both the students and faculty members from TUA were greatly inspired by the exhibition, where the works and their display presented a variety of expressions and interpretations. At the same time, this led them to reflect on their own artistic activities, thereby allowing them to obtain numerous benefits.

Interpreting services were available during the exhibition and reception but the language of communication was primarily English. More or less, the TUA participants reconfirmed that they needed to improve their English as they learned that their communication stayed superficial due to their limited language skills.

This exhibition overseas has surely contributed to broadening the participants’ perspectives while serving as a practical opportunity to nurture artists who can succeed both in Japan and abroad.