Exchange Program with the University of Southern California – Tokyo Geidai Animation Night!


Basic Information

Participants: Five Master’s students of Animation
Location: Los Angeles, USA
Period: April 24-May 1, 2017


Five students of animation from Tokyo University of the Arts (TUA / Tokyo Geidai) visited the University of Southern California (USC), where they organized the screening event Tokyo Geidai Animation Night! and showcased 17 animation works made by TUA animation students. It became the first screening event by a non-US university that was held at the Division of Animation & Digital Arts of the USC School of Cinematic Arts, drawing well over 150 people who were mainly students and faculty members of the campus. Following the screening, the audience asked keen questions and provided comments and feedback to TUA students, from which they learnt a great deal and obtained different points of view.

Another important experience for the TUA students was Rhythms + Visions, an visual live music event by the School of Cinematic Art, where they exhibited an installation work featuring video projections on a large 3-meter balloon. They enjoyed the live stage realized by a cutting edge fusion of visual images and music and experienced virtual reality content, thereby renewing recognition for film and new media.


Exhibition: Tokyo University of the Arts, Virtual Department of Games
With the support of the USC Faculty of Cinematic Arts and Square Enix Co., Ltd., the Graduate School of Film and New Media with Tokyo University of the Arts COI Site will present an exhibition on Game and Arts at the University Art Museum (Chinretsukan Gallery) from July 21-30, 2017.