Super Global High school (SGH): The 29th Regular Concert


On Saturday, November 4, 2017, the Music High School Attached to the Faculty of Music, Tokyo University of the Arts (Geiko) held the 29th Regular Concert at Sogakudo Concert Hall, as an outcome of the Super Global High school (SGH) program, an initiative to foster globalized young leaders by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT). This year, we invited Mr. Dominic Wheeler from the U.K.’s Guildhall School of Music & Drama as a conductor, who also came to teach our students two years ago.
The Regular Concert is the most important performance event for Geiko, which also serves as an opportunity to showcase the outcomes of our activities as a SGH designated high school.
All the students majoring in traditional Japanese instruments and western music worked hard for the concert and successfully managed to perform for a total of 845 audiences.


Part 1: Ensemble of Traditional Japanese Instruments

Kinichi Nakanoshima: “Higurashi” (Yamada-Style Koto/Shakuhachi);
Tadao Sawai “KinutaSansho” (Ikuta-Style Koto)
Judaime Kineya Rokuzaemon “Tsurukame” (Nagauta/Nagauta-Shamisen/Hogaku Hayashi )

Part 2: Orchestra with chorus

G. F. Handel Coronation Anthems

HWV260 The King shall rejoice
HWV261 My heart is inditing
HWV258 Zadok the Priest


P. I. Tschaikowsky Symphonie Nr. 5 e-moll Op.64
I. Andante – Allegro con anima
II. Andante cantabile con alcuna licenza
III. Valse: Allegro moderato
IV. Finale: Andante maestoso – Allegro vivace

About Super Global High school:

In 2016, the Music High School Attached to the Faculty of Music of Tokyo University of the Arts (known as “Geiko”) was selected as one of the designated high schools for the Super Global High School (SGH) initiative by MEXT. Under the SGH scheme, it aims to nurture globally successful young musicians who attract audience with “the power of music”; the pupils learn from a number of world-renowned musicians who visit the high school, and study to develop their foreign language skills, while receiving support to establish a global career and collaborating with Tokyo Geidai, which was selected in 2014 for the Top Global University Project by MEXT.

For more details of Geiko’s SGH activities, please visit here.
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