[My Experience at GEIDAI 21] Chiawei Chang (Design, Graduate School of Fine Arts)


Your name, Department, Home country & city, Duration of your stay


My name is Chiawei Chang. I was born in Pingtung County, Taiwan. I am now studying as a graduate student of design at the Graduate School of Fine Arts. I came to Japan in 2017 and I will become a second year student in the coming April.

Why did you choose Geidai as your study abroad destination?


I think that Geidai is the best school here in Japan. I like Japanese culture and I wanted to make friends with people in the same field, with similar interests.

At Geidai, the university festival

What did you do to prepare yourself for studying abroad to Japan?


I was thinking good communication skills were most crucial to go abroad. I came to Tokyo for a working holiday four years ago. At that time, I had already started learning Japanese in Taiwan. I hadn’t been able to improve my listening comprehension before I came to Japan. However, after coming here, even when I couldn’t speak well, I could understand more. If I prepared anything for studying in Japan, I would say I prepared myself emotionally ready to study here to reduce anxiety.

What do you study at Geidai?


I am in the design department and specifically I am studying drawing. At the department, we focus on expressions with different media. Also, we are encouraged to create not only visual designs but also what we are interested in.

My works at an exhibition with other lab members.

What do you like about Geidai?


I met many people from western countries in my Japanese class. After class, we had lunch together and shared experience and information. We invited each other to different events. Also, I learned a lot from Japanese students and teachers about their attitudes towards studies. I hadn’t expected all these things to happen and found them very special and valuable experiences.

Hanging out is good.

What are some things that impressed you or surprised you in Japan?


In Japan, the four seasons are distinguished clearly. Taiwan is a subtropical country, where only summer and winter are clearly seen and felt. I think Japan is receiving a gift from the nature, which deeply impressed me.

We were making pizzas! / If you feel vegetable is too pricy, DIY.

This is me. You will be really graceful if you can sit in the train!

What are your future goals?


I want to be a professor. This is the most important reason why I came to study at Geidai. If someone wants to teach at a university in Taiwan, he or she needs a Ph.D. degree. I plan to acquire the degree here and I hope I can make it.

A message for students wishing to study in Japan


I suggest that they prepare themselves well before coming to Japan. I hope they will keep challenging themselves and enjoy their studies. Joy comes after hardness.