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Learning/Career support

Career support

Support for various Career Paths

“How do I want to navigate my undergraduate/graduate studies at Geidai?”
“What career path do I want to pursue after completion of my degree?”

Taking into account both academic and professional career paths, Geidai provides supports to help students meet their needs and achieve their goals.
Currently, on the website of Geidai, students can search for job openings in the fields of “Education/Arts/Culture,” “Media,” “Fine Arts,” “Music” and “Films/Stage Performance/Game.” In addition, career guidance sessions as well as career forums are held on campus.

Furthermore, we also provide information on employment opportunities for part-time/temporary artistic jobs that could help students find their career paths. The types of jobs include a portrait painter, a graphic designer, a memorial bust creator, a painting class instructor, a music instructor, a chorus member, a musical instrument player, etc.