• Wall Paintings Reproductions of the Remains of Bagan

International Cultural Exchange

Public Diplomacy

Promote public diplomacy with other countries using brushed up power of the Arts

In 2014, we were asked to make three kinds of 25 wall paintings reproductions of the remains of Bagan, from Ministry of Culture in Myanmar. They were given to prime ministers of each country as a memento of “ASEAN+3” which was held in Myanmar in the same year.

This is a good example that “our reproduction techniques which are capable of restoring the quality of wall just like as the original ones” were attributed the public diplomacy with other countries.

Besides, we were representative of “GEIDAI ARTS YOUTH SUMMIT 2014 in YOKOHAMA” as one of the events of “Culture City of East Asia 2014, YOKOHAMA”

At the event, students got gathered from three cities from Japan, China and South Korea, furthermore, they tried to understand each culture and did collaborative work and performance in three fields (Fine Arts, Music and Film)

We keep on developing our public diplomacy with foreign countries through the power of arts which we have been enhancing.