奨学金Scholarship and Financial Support

学内の奨学金情報 Financial support by the university

Financial support for Japanese Language Proficiency Test

留学生のうち、 日本語能力試験でN2以上の資格を満たす人へ2万円が支給される奨学金です。

This is an incentive for eligible international students with a JLPT N2 or N1 certificate.
The applicants must have a visa status either of “Student”, “Dependent”, “Spouse or Child of Japanese National” or “Spouse or Child of Permanent Resident”.

For more information, please refer to the following URL (Japanese only)

学外の奨学金情報 Scholarship by external organizations

Scholarship for self-funded students is divided into two types according to the application method: The first type of scholarship requires application through the university, while the second type allows direct application to the scholarship foundation.

Japanese government scholarship (selection within Japan)


A call for applications is made through the student’s teacher every year in October.
Students to be recommended to for the MEXT scholarship will be selected from each faculty through a review of application and considered by the International Students Committee for final decision.
On average, the university recommends only one person for the scholarship every year. In some cases, no scholarship is granted after a final review by MEXT.

民間団体による奨学金 Private scholarships

Information concerning scholarship programs will be sent via e-mail by the Educational Affairs Section and posted on the notice board at each faculty.

1.大学で推薦を決定する民間奨学金 /Private Scholarships awarded upon recommendation by the university
例年、申請の結果、各奨学金は0~2名の採用者数となっております。(日本学生支援機構が行っている奨学金(学習奨励費)については、10 名程度)

On average, up to 2 students are selected every year (the JASSO Honors Scholarship is awarded to up to 3 undergraduate and 10 graduate students).
(Note: JASSO Honors Scholarship recipients are required to sign a register by a set date every month. Failure to do so results in the suspension of the scholarship for that month. Please contact the International Exchange section if you anticipate that you will be unable to sign the register on time.)

2.個人応募の民間奨学金 /Private scholarships awarded through direct application

Information about this type of scholarships is posted on the notice boards. Please check them regularly.
Please note that if you receive a scholarship through individual application, you are ineligible for scholarships through recommendation from the university because you cannot simultaneously receive two scholarships.

私費留学生に対する奨学金制度/Scholarship for self-funded students (Japanese only)