• 留学生旅行



期日 行事(予定) 備  考
4月 留学生対象 オリエンテーション(前期) 留学生と学長、学部長をはじめとする大学教職員との交流を通じ、相互理解を深めることが目的です。
(参考)学長主催 留学生懇談会 2017
学長主催 留学生懇談会


10月 留学生対象 オリエンテーション(後期) (参考)2017年度後期 留学生オリエンテーション
11月 日本文化体験①「日本の音」
藝大定期 邦楽演奏会 留学生招待
12月 日本文化体験②(未定) 日本文化を実際に体験することで、より一層日本を理解することが目的です。
講師:千 宗守(武者小路千家家元)


  • Social Event with Local Residents

Event Plans for International Students

Tokyo Geidai hosts various events for international students.

Scheduled Events Notes
April Orientation (Semester 1) Welcome party is held under the auspices of the University President in order to welcome new international students. It offers an excellent opportunity to promote relationships with other international students, Japanese tutors, faculty, and administration staff.
Report: Welcome party for international students 2017
Welcome Party for International Students
Venue : Castle Dining Room, University Hall

June – July

International Students Trip (2 days & 1 night)
Fee : 4,500JPY (as lunch fee)
International students are encouraged to take this opportunity to experience the Japanese culture.
Report:International Student Trip to Hakone & Izu-Nagaoka 2017
Oct. Orientation (Semester 2) Report: 2017 Semester 2 International Student Orientation
Nov. Japanese Culture Workshop 1 “Sound of Japan”
Traditional Japanese Music Geidai Regular Concert
Experience of Japanese Culture will deepen understanding Japan.
Reception with local residents at the International House
Venue : Tokyo Geijutu Daigaku International House (Matsudo City, Chiba)
Report: The Social Event with Local Residents at the International House 2017
Dec. Japanese Culture Workshop 1 (TBA) Experience of Japanese Culture will deepen understanding Japan.
Report: Experiencing Japanese Culture2016 – Chanoyu and Japanese Culture
Japanese Culture Workshop “CHANOYU<Japanese Tea Ceremony> & Japanese Culture”
Lecturer: Mr. Sen Sohshu
Venue: Kankyuan Tokyo Brunch(Sendagi, Bunkyo ward)

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