[留学生の藝大体験記7 ]Aquiles Hadjis (美術研究科・絵画専攻)



Name, Department, Home country and city, Duration

My name is Aquiles Hadjis and I was born in Maracaibo, Venezuela. I was part of the Nihonga (2 years) and Intermedia Art (1 year) before joining Oil Painting where I completed my MFA degree and subsequently enrolled in the PhD program.

私の名前はアキレス ハッジスです。ベネズエラのマラカイボで生まれました。日本画を2年、先端芸術を1年学んだ後、油絵で修士号を取得し、現在は同博士課程に在籍しています。

Why did you choose Geidai as your study abroad destination?

Geidai puts together a lot of the activities and knowledge I thought I needed to further my artistic research. In addition to being able to ignite a good number of interdepartmental collaborations throughout these years, I can also say that Ueno campus is one of the best locations to work in Tokyo.


What did you do to prepare yourself for studying abroad to Japan?

I had a long standing relationship with Japan’s ancient culture. In particular the practice of martial arts (karate, aikido and kendo) and Zen meditation. That allowed me to understand the way in which Japan has assimilated and restructured east Asian culture. I also studied Japanese for four months before coming.

私は日本の伝統文化、特に空手、合気道、剣道などの武術や座禅に長い間親しんできました。 これらによって、日本が東アジアの文化を吸収・再構築してきた方法を理解することができました。来日前には日本語を4ヶ月間勉強しました。

What do you study at Geidai?

As I said above, I belong to the Oil Painting dept. In there, I am a member of laboratory number three, headed by professor Hirotoshi Sakaguchi. Most of our members deal in their work with the way in which drawing and painting relate to space and situations.



What do you like about Geidai?

It is a place where once you know your way around, there can be a way of getting to learn many kinds of techniques to integrate in your artwork. Also, above all things, I can say the constant influx of foreign students has given me an amazing chance for dialogue.

一度勝手がわかってくれば、藝大では自分の芸術作品に吸収できる 多様な技法を学ぶことができます。何よりもすばらしいのは、絶えずやってくる外国人留学生と意見を交わす機会に恵まれることです。

What are the things that impressed you or surprised you in Japan?

Young people’s attitudes towards life, the way they can be extremely practical and very romantic about things I had barely payed attention to until I came here. Also Japanese people awareness of the cycle of the seasons and the way you can adapt your daily routine to get the most out of each one of them.


What are your future goals?

Getting further in the development of my artwork, and my understanding of myself and others as parts of a single process. Sharing my work and my ideas with others that could find them useful or enlightening would be great as well.


Please write a message for students wishing to study in Japan.

Everything you’ll see here will tell you things about yourself and push you to question many things you had accepted as obvious or logical. When you stop seeing this place and its people as exotic or different your feelings of bewilderment about them will actually deepen. This nation has evolved in a way that allows many subcultures, both ancient and contemporary to exist within little islands, separated and yet within reach of each other.