[留学生の藝大体験記16] 黄雯睿(映像研究科研究科・アニメーション専攻)



Name, Department, Home country and city, Duration

中国から参りました、黄雯睿HUANG WENRUIと申します。

My name is Huang Wenrui. I am from China.
I am a second year master’s student of animation at the Graduate School of Film and New Media.

Why did you choose Geidai as your study abroad destination?


When I was a third year undergraduate student, I participated in an international film festival, where I saw an impressive animation work by Geidai alumni.
I searched the internet for information about Geidai and found that many great professors teach at the university. I thought I wanted to go to Japan to learn from them and broaden my perspective.

What did you do to prepare yourself for studying abroad in Japan?


The Japanese language. It is important for me to communicate with people so I learned Japanese to be able to communicate in Japan.
Even though I passed the “N1” examination while I was in China, I thought it was not enough for the purpose of good communication. So I continued to study the language for a further year after I arrived in Japan.

What do you study at Geidai?


I am currently focusing on 2D animation. There are also students who are studying 3D graphics or animation depending on their choices of classes. In my program, producing original animations is considered as important as researching other animation films and producers. I have been inspired by highly talented people around me.


What do you like about Geidai?


Geidai provides great support to students who produce animations. Our professors are willing to listen to the concepts of students’ works and give advice accordingly. Students can use all the tools and equipment necessary. Moreover, we can collaborate with students in the Music Creativity and the Environment program on sound production for our animations. Considering all these benefits, I always think that I made a good decision to come to Geidai.

What are the things that impressed you or surprised you in Japan?


A scene of people collecting contributions for the victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011 left a strong impression on me. It seemed to me that memories of the disaster hasn’t faded even after five years since the incident. Also, I was surprised that the sky and clouds are beautiful and many kinds of flowers can be seen in the cities throughout all seasons.

What are your future goals?


My goal is to serve as a cultural exchange bridge between Japan and China through my animations. I love both Japan and China so I will work hard to encourage both people to communicate more and see each other with their own eyes.


Please write a message for students wishing to study in Japan.


I want to say to people who haven’t made up their minds that they should come to study in Japan without hesitation. They will know that they made a best decision in their lives. Of course, they will sometimes face difficulties, struggle and become tired, but the experience of overcoming such difficulties will be an asset in their lives.