藝大油画・浙江師範大学美術学院教員・学生交流展A joint exhibition of oil painting with Academy of Fine Arts of ZJNU

March 19, 2018






From September 13-25, 2017, Tokyo University of the Arts (Tokyo Geidai) and Academy of Fine Arts of ZJNU, China, held a joint exhibition of oil painting. A total of 37 professors and graduate students, 8 professors and 13 students from Tokyo Geidai, and 9 professors and 7 students from Academy of Fine Arts of ZJNU, respectively, exhibited their works.

This exhibition was organized to provide an opportunity to exchange opinions regarding education and research of artist development and painting expressions in Japan and China. It also aimed to facilitate interinstitutional exchange, nurture the global mindset of the students, and serve as a good opportunity to pave the way for new collaborations in the future.

This was the first exchange program for Tokyo Geidai’s oil painting department to work with Academy of Fine Arts of ZJNU. In addition to the exhibition, the program included collaborative display and removal works, artist talks, a symposium, campus visits, and a reception, through which the participants deepened their understanding of and friendship with each other. The artist talks provided a better understanding of the exhibits, and intentions and thoughts for the artists’ activities.

At the symposium titled “the education of drawing and painting in the future”, the participating professors discussed in detail the history and educational policy and the structure of educational program at both institutions. In the latter half of the symposium, two Chinese professors gave a demonstration of Chinese painting, which became a truly valuable opportunity to see firsthand the traditional techniques as well as the materials, tools, and seals unique to Chinese painting. Two paintings produced at the demonstration were offered as gifts to the faculty room of the oil painting department.

During the campus visits in Ueno and Toride, Chinese participants mentioned that our well-equipped facilities, studio specialized in painting materials, and educational system that employs various techniques in the classroom served good models to their institution. With the success of this first joint exhibition, Tokyo Geidai will continue to hold exchange activities with Academy of Fine Arts of ZJNU, eyeing to conclude a formal partnership agreement in the future.