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藝大で英語を学ぼうStudy English at Geidai




2023年度 NEW


※Zoom URLは全学メールでお知らせします。また、後日アーカイブをこちらのページにて公開予定です。




メール globalsupport[at]ml.geidai.ac.jp

The “Study English at Geidai” online guidance session, is co-organized by Global Art Practice in the Graduate School of Fine Arts and the Global Support Center.

This guidance session will give an overview of the English classes offered for students in the Faculty of Fine Arts, the Graduate School of Fine Arts, and other graduate schools at Tokyo Geidai. We will share an online tool to help you to search the class offerings, which include intensive courses for artists and researchers and specialized classes in English, as well as individual tutorial sessions in English.

English is an essential skill for working with people from diverse backgrounds, conducting research and presenting your own work and research. We encourage you to join this guidance session as a step toward deepening your own English language studies.

Event name: “Study English at Geidai” Online Guidance Session 2023 NEW

Date/time: April 14 (Fri) 18:00-19:00

Venue: Online (Zoom)
※We will provide summaries in English throughout the session.
※We have shared the Zoom link via university-wide email to all students.
※The video recording will be posted on this page.

List of Geidai English Classes: [Google Spreadsheet URL] https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bzAaNdvZojznv9F1WbHVRc-U93d5J0teav7Rdg9XctQ/edit?usp=sharing
※You can filter the list to display classes that match your area of study and interests.


* Some classes are offered only to students in specific departments.

* This guidance session is an overview and will not cover the classes in detail or explain how to register for classes.

* Each department has its own graduation requirements. Please check your department’s course handbook, syllabus and timetable.

* The guidance session will be recorded and posted on this webpage. If you do not want to be part of the recorded session, please refrain from participating in the session and view the archived video.

* Students in the Faculty of Music should consult the guidance on the following webpage: https://ongakubungei.geidai.ac.jp/gogaku

Contact: Global Support Center

Email: globalsupport[at]ml.geidai.ac.jp