GxGInternational Students



  • 銀行や郵便局の口座開設
  • 区役所等での手続き(住所の登録・国民健康保険への加入)
  • 入国管理局での手続き(在留資格の変更・在留期間の更新)
  • 日本の文化・慣習についての説明
  • 近辺の生活スポット(スーパーマーケット)等の案内
  • 交通機関等の利用に関する案内
  • 日本語コース履修等に関する補習
  • レポート等の日本語の添削
  • 日本語教材を使った学習補助
  • 講義の内容・課題の理解のための援助など

Newly arrived international students can seek support from “tutors” to get accustomed to the Japanese language and customs, and carry out learning and research effectively and efficiently. Tutors are Tokyo Geidai graduate students appointed by the university and they support international students in the same field of study.

Tutors, who are friends to international students as well,  provide support as listed below.

Examples of Support for Student Life in Japan
  • Opening of bank and post office accounts
  • Application procedures at local governments (resident registration, National Health Insurance)
  • Application procedures at the Immigration Bureau (change of status of residence, extension of period of stay)
  • Teaching Japanese culture and customs
  • Guidance on nearby facilities such as supermarkets
  • Guidance on the use of transportation
Examples of Support for Learning
  • Supplementary teaching for taking Japanese courses
  • Correcting Japanese essays and documents
  • Learning assistance using Japanese teaching materials
  • Helping international students understand the content of lectures and assignments