【レポート】書道ワークショップ[Report] Shodo: Japanese Calligraphy Workshop

January 11, 2024








On January 10, 2024, Global Support Center hosted a “Shodo: Japanese Calligraphy Workshop” for international students.

The instructor for the workshop was Assistant Professor Sayaka Yanagita from the Department of Aesthetics and Art History. The workshop began with a lecture on the history of calligraphy, followed by discussions on the tools, posture, and brush techniques used in Japanese calligraphy. In the lecture, Professor Yanagita also introduced various calligraphies practiced around the world, making calligraphy more accessible and relatable for international students.

Students were then invited to practice writing different kanji. After a brief tutorial on the basic brush strokes, such as horizontal strokes, stops, flicks, breaks, and sweeps, the students tried writing the word “大志” (meaning “high aspiration”).

From bold to careful brush strokes, each student were able to create their own unique “大志”.

Finally, the students presented their best pieces and shared their reflections on the workshop. While some of the steps felt challenging, many expressed the meditative effect of the practice.

(Global Support Center)