【レポート】茶の湯-講義と体験【Report】Tea Ceremony -Lecture and workshop

January 10, 2024


ワークショップは国際交流会館Taki Plaza4階茶室にて、2回に分けて行われました。第一回は大学院生や研究生を中心に日本語で、第二回は交換留学生を中心に英語で行われました。









On January 8th 2024, the Japanese class had a tea ceremony workshop with a special lecturer Ms. Machiko Hoshina, tea ceremony master. We gathered at the tearoom on in Taki plaza, the international exchange building. 

The first session was held in Japanese, mainly for graduate students and research students, and the second session was held in English, mainly for exchange students. In the lectures, Ms. Hoshina talked about the historical background of Chanoyu and the meanings of Japanese phrases in the tea ceremony. She also explained about kimono.

After that, we entered the tearoom and enjoyed Japanese sweets and tea.

The students carefully watched each movement of the performance of serving tea.

The international students asked many questions about the tearoom, tea ceremony utensils, history, etc., from perspectives of their specialties.

Through the tea ceremony, the students learned not only about traditional Japanese culture, but also the background of Japanese communication and sense of consideration, which is relevant to modern life.

It was a great experience for the international students to participate the ceremony in special atmosphere. It will surely be a highlight of their memories in Geidai-TUA.

(Global Support Center)