留学生イベント:日本文化体験「能楽」Experiencing Japanese Culture 2017 – Nogaku

March 23, 2018

2017年11月16日、本学練習ホール館(能ホール)において、留学生を対象とした日本文化体験「能楽」を開催しました。関根知孝 邦楽教授を講師に迎え、今年は7か国12名の留学生が参加しました。




On November 16, 2017, an event for international students to experience Japanese culture was held in the Noh theatre located in the rehearsal hall building on Ueno Campus. Twelve students from seven countries learned about Nohgaku from Professor Tomotaka Sekine of traditional Japanese music.

Following the explanation about the costumes, masks, and the stage used in the Japanese theatrical art, the participating students went up on stage and learned the basic body position called Kamae (the knees are slightly bent, lowering the center of gravity of the performer) and the essential movement of steps called Hakobi (While keeping the center of gravity as in Kamae, the feet are slid on the floor without lifting them to step forward.)

After a practice using a fan, all the participants tried to perform a scene from the Noh drama Oimatsu (the aged pine) guided by Professor Sekine, which became the outcome of the one-and-a-half-hour lesson.

The last attraction of the event was a performance by students of traditional Japanese music, followed by a question and answer session regarding Noh.
Although they only had a short amount of time, the participants took advantage of the opportunity to deepen their understanding of Japan.