ロシアからの贈り物A gift from Russia

May 26, 2015











On May 1st of this year, our university received a parcel from abroad. It was from Japan Foundation’s Moscow Office, and inside the parcel were 108 CD recordings of symphonies conducted by Evgeny Fyodorovich Svetlanov (1928-2002), the Russian Maestro who served as chief conductor of the Soviet State Symphony Orchestra (now the Russian State Symphony Orchestra) from 1965 to 2000.

This record collection, the Anthology of Russian Symphony Music, is a culmination of his lifework, and was donated by the Maestro’s widow, Ms. Nikolaeva-Svetlanova. During his time with the state orchestra, the Maestro conducted and recorded a thorough range of symphonies that have been written by Russian and Soviet composers, from Mikhail Glinka to more contemporary works. No one else has ever produced a vast record collection that is as comprehensive as his, and it holds a unique place in the history of the Russian music.

Some of the recordings of works written by well-known composers, such as Chaikovski, were made available for purchase in other countries, including Japan, but there is no institution in this country, except Tokyo University of the Arts, that holds the Anthology of Russian Symphony Music. This is thus a rare and valuable collection.


The collection was originally handed to Japan Foundation’s Moscow Office by Ms. Nikolaeva-Svetlanova, who was longing to donate the records to Japan, the country her husband loved. The Moscow office then decided that it was best to give it to an institution most appropriate for preservation and utilization of the collection, and consulted with Dr. Karatygina, Head of the Scientific and Creative Center “World Music Cultures” at Moscow State Conservatory, who visited our university at the end of this past March, and through whom we learned of this generous donation.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for Ms. Nikolaeva-Svetlanova for donating such a valuable works by Maestro Svetlanov, who visited Japan many times and had an experience working with the NHK Symphony Orchestra as a guest conductor. We are also grateful for the Japan Foundation Moscow Office staff, who recommended our university as a recipient of this wonderful gift.

Tokyo University of the Arts Music Research Center is currently working on translation of the CD content information written in Russian and adding data to the OPAC catalogue.

Please wait several more months until these records are made available for use.