宮田亮平学長が国際美術シンポジウム「社会を創る美術教育」に参加しスピーチを行いました。President Miyata delivered a speech at International Art-Symposium “Art Education for Social Innovation” in Beijing.

July 01, 2015





report018-03宮田学長と中央美術学院Fan Di’an院長

President Miyata was invited to deliver a speech at International Art-Symposium “Art Education for Social Innovation” held in Beijing, China, from June 12 to 13, 2015.

The symposium was organized by one of our international art exchange partners, China Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA), which invited the representatives of arts universities around the globe. As the only speaker from an Asian art university apart from those in China, President Miyata introduced Geidai’s social commitment and efforts from the perspectives of Regional Contribution, Tohoku Reconstruction Assistance, Global Engagement and Innovation.

After the speech, he took a time to visit the graduation exhibition of CAFA, which was concurrently taking place with the symposium. Asked for encouraging comments to graduating students, he sent out the message. “Don’t just pursue the future but respect the great history and traditions which China has built up over several thousand years. Keep developing a true sensitivity as well as basic skills ”

report018-02There were many local students among the people in the venue

report018-03President Miyata and President Fan Di’an of CAFA