日韓交流ピアノコンサートA collaborative music concert with Korea National University of Arts

July 10, 2015


研修者:大学院音楽学部・研究科器楽専攻ピアノ科 学生4名
研修先: 韓国、ソウル
研修期間: 2015年3月26日~2015年3月28日






日韓ピアノ ポスター

日韓ピアノ 学生との交流



Basic Information

Participant(s):Four students in the Piano Course
Location:Seoul, Korea
Period:March 26, 2015 – March 28, 2015


On March 27, 2015, Tokyo University of the Arts and Korea National University of Arts jointly held a piano concert in Seoul to promote music exchange between Japan and Korea. Four students from each university participated in the concert at Korea National University of Arts.

In recent years, Asian performers have shown a stronger presence in international music competitions. It is true, however, that inter-regional exchange of Asian performers has not been so frequent. Under such circumstances, this concert was a valuable opportunity, although the participants were limited to piano players.

Four Korean pianists were amazingly high skilled with excellent keying techniques, which greatly inspired us to become eager to improve own performance. We gained firsthand knowledge of different approaches to music based on national characteristics, ethnicity and musicianship in each country. During the rehearsal, we listened to each other, exchanged advice and shared impression of fellow performers. While we are the neighbors in the same region, we seem to interpret music differently, and we found it quite meaningful that we briefly experienced the environment where the Korean fellows were learning Western music.

On the next day of the concert, two students of Korea National University of Arts took us out in Insadong. We talked about our cultural differences, and our fruitful conversation ranged from music to daily life. While the political climate of the two countries has not always been temperate, we realized that music has the power to encourage the people to share a certain feeling on a different level. For this reason, we renewed our determination to strive for a better performance so as to reach people’s hearts.

日韓ピアノ ポスター
Collaborative Concert Poster

日韓ピアノ 学生との交流
Cultural exchange with students from  Korea National University of Arts