ベルリン芸術大学との芸術国際交流協定調印式Signing Ceremony of “Agreement for International Exchange between Tokyo University of the Arts and Berlin University of the Arts”

October 16, 2015

10月9日、東京藝術大学とベルリン芸術大学の芸術国際交流協定調印式参加のため、ベルリン芸術大学よりMartin Rennert学長が来校されました。









President Martin Rennert of Berlin University of the Arts visited Tokyo University of the Arts for a signing ceremony of Agreement for International Exchange between the two institutions on October 9th.

We are both art universities with a long tradition since our foundation, and have the main campus in respective capital cities where cultural exchange flourishes. This signing of the agreement by such of us is a significant milestone for the further promotion of art/cultural collaboration between Japan and Germany.

This agreement is unique in that a broader range of collaboration was confirmed without limitation to specific art fields. Cross-field collaboration between the integrated institutions of fine arts and music, which are quite few in number in both countries, is expected to take place.

On arriving at Tokyo University of the Arts, President Rennert went on campus tour, accompanied by Vice President of Research Isao Matsushita. They visited university facilities including Sogakudo Concert Hall, Noh Hall and Arts & Science LAB. report035-01

He was then invited to the room of President Ryohei Miyata, where a talk for exchanging opinions regarding future collaboration was held in the attendance of Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts Toyomi Hoshina, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Music Akiyoshi Sako and Secretary General Takeshi Baba, as well as President Miyata and Vice President Matsushita.report035-02

Prior to the signing of the agreement, President Rennert received a new tie designed by President Miyata. He wore it straight way, and the ceremony was carried out in a friendly atmosphere.report035-03

The ceremony drew to a conclusion with the deep resonance of a gong, which President Rennert was invited to beat by the creator of the instrument, President Miyata.report035-04

Then the company moved to a conference room, where a light meal was served. Both presidents enjoyed a conversation on the calligraphy of President Miyata on the wall. “Idaku” means “to embrace” explained President Miyata his calligraphy, and President Rennert was listening with deep interest. report035-05

Tokyo University of the Arts will built and develop more interactions with Berlin University of the Arts on a base of this agreement today. report035-06