[留学生の藝大体験記9]邵雪晴 (映像研究科・アニメーション専攻)[My Experience at GEIDAI 9]Shao Xuequing(Graduate school of New Media)

January 29, 2016


Name, Department, Home country and city, Duration

初めまして。中国から来ました、邵雪晴(ショウ セツセイ)と申します。

Nice to meet you. I am Shao Xuequing from China. My friends in Japan call me “Haru”.
After graduating from the Animation School of Beijing Film Academy, I came to study at Geidai, and I am now in the final year of the animation program at the Graduate School of New Media Studies.

Why did you choose Geidai as your study abroad destination?


It was before graduating from my previous university that I found on the internet the graduation work of Wataru Uekusa, who was then a second generation student of the animation department at Geidai, and I was strikingly impressed by his work. From the credits, I learned that there is an animation program at Geidai and looked for the detailed information. I was surprised at the quality and uniqueness of works by the students. I addition, the fact that Animator Koji Yamamura who I admire teaches at Geidai made me decide to study here.

What did you do to prepare yourself for studying abroad to Japan?


I passed JLPT N1.  After I came to Japan, I attended a Japanese language school for a year. Thanks to my language proficiency, I was able to devote myself to preparing for the entrance examination, rather than language learning.

What do you study at Geidai?


My study focus is short animation.
Through classes, I have learned animation-related matters from various approaches, including production techniques, planning and research methods.
We usually work on an individual basis. Each student has his or her own contents, artwork or production techniques, and I am learning a lot from my fellow students.


What do you like about Geidai?


I am happy to have my professor as supervisor, who gives the students advice based on a consideration for each student’s intention for a work.
Also, rental equipment and space saved production costs. I feel that the university provides adequate support for the students.

What are the things that impressed you or surprised you in Japan?


I love Japanese fish! Sushi is lovely, of course, but just fish from a supermarket which I grill at home tastes so good. Foods here are all fresh, and clean and neat. I can see from the quality that shops pay the highest attention to select their merchandise.
One thing I found quite unexpected was that men and women were not as much equally treated as I had expected.

What are your future goals?


Whether I am a professional or amateur, I want to continue independent production.

Please write a message for students wishing to study in Japan.


Linguistic skills are equally very important as an ability in your academic field. You may get stressed, become less engaged with other people or even lose a chance if you are unable to have enough communication with people. I recommend that prospective students regard as important both their own academic interest and Japanese language skills.