アアルト大学(フィンランド)の学生による藝大デザイン科教員へのインタビューMaster’s students from Aalto University interviewed our design professors

February 25, 2016

2月19日、フィンランド、ヘルシンキのアアルト大学の修士課程IDBM(International Design Business Management)専攻の学生チーム(メンバー4名)が日本のパッケージデザインについてインタビューを行うため、本学デザイン科を訪れました。本学からは、デザイン科を代表して視覚・伝達研究室の松下計教授と情報・設計研究室の須永剛司教授がインタビューに対応しました。






On February 19, 2016, four students of the International Design Business Management (IDBM) program at Aalto University in Finland visited the department of design to present their project and conduct an interview on package design in Japan.

On behalf of the department, Professor Matsushita and Professor Sunaga welcomed the students to receive an interview from them.

Following self-introduction, the IDBM students held a presentation to introduce their project along with some examples of major Finnish package designs. Active discussions and exchange of opinion took place on the theme of package design, which included package design for increased product sales, conceptual backgrounds of Finnish package design, and the study by the IDBM students on a new framework involving the stakeholders of the Finnish package design community including the consumers.


Comments by Professor Matsushita referring to examples of commercial package design in Japan, and the question raised by Professor Sunaga regarding package design as a tool of communication with consumers seemed so inspirational to the students that they were attentively listening and taking notes. The venue of the interview, the Old Brick Building II, seemed like an improvised design laboratory open for the multinational participants.

On completion of the interview, and before leaving the campus, the four students showed their gratitude for the valuable experience with a gift to the professors.