ゾラとブリュノーのオペラ共作についての調査A bibliographic research on the collaboration in operas between Émile Zola and Alfred Bruneau

March 11, 2016


研修者:音楽研究科 博士後期課程 音楽文芸専攻1名












Basic Information

Participant:A doctoral student in Literature in Music
Location:The Bibliothèque nationale de France (Richelieu Library, François-Mitterrand Library, Opéra Library)
Period:February 18 – March 2, 2015


The aim of this activity was to collect research materials indispensable for my doctoral thesis on the collaboration in operas between Émile Zola and Alfred Bruneau. This is because reference to manuscripts, letters and musical scores hand-written by the composers is required to write an empirical research paper.

At the Richelieu Library of the Bibliothèque nationale de France, I examined preparatory materials which were hand-written by Zola and Bruneau and some letters by Bruneau’s family, through which I was able to obtain clues to investigate the operatic collaboration by the two people and to determin when such operas were written and produced. The research outcomes will be utilized to write the first chapter of my doctoral thiesis which deals with the production process of L’attaque du moulin (The Attack on the Mill ) and also to publish an academic paper separate from the dotoral thesis.

At the François-Mitterrand Library, in addition to referencing relevenat performance reviews, I was able to confirm how operas were being perfomed at the time through the audio sources maintained by the audio-visual center. I intend to use the research results for drafting the whole doctoral thesis.

Also, at the Opéra Library, I was able to obtain valuable information regarding the process of composing music for Messidor, by examining Bruneau’s hand-written orchestra and piano scores for the opera. This research outcome will be utilized to write the second chapter of my doctoral thesis and also to publish a separate academic paper

Along with my research at the different sections of the National Library in Paris, I visited different bookshops specialized in literature and art, and bought books, especially those on the study of Zola.

Through all these activities in Paris, I was able to collect materials to support some of the hypotheses that had been unconfirmed, and at the same time, find clues to expand the argument points in my doctoral dissertation.


Stained glass window in the Musée national du Moyen Âge

Left: a view from my room
Right: the apartment hotel I stayed at near the Bibliothèque nationale de France