ドイツの音楽大学への留学Studying classical music in Germany

April 08, 2016


研修者:音楽学部器楽科ピアノ専攻4年 1名









Basic Information

Participant:A fourth-year undergraduate student in Instrument Music (Piano Course)
Location:Hochschule für Musik Freiburg
Period:From Februrary 14, 2015 (ongoing)


I applied to a master’s degree program at the Hochschule für Musik Freiburg (University of Music Freiburg), located in southwestern Germany, to study under Prof. Gilead Mishory. I got full marks in the entrance examination, and earned admission to the two-year program as a top student.

Prof. Gilead Mishory is not only a pianist who performs around the world but also an accomplished composer. He has taught me how music works, how each piece is composed, what matters most for each composer, and what a sound pattern means in a given context – all of which are based on the perspective of a composer. He has also taught me the importance of modern and contemporary works and repertoires that are not performed very often. Of course, I have learned from him how to practice performing the instrument while dealing with my body and mind, as well as things that I should be aware of in pursuing a career, which would both help me succeed as a pianist in today’s music scene.

The city of Freiburg has a rich culture of contemporary music and baroque music. Many of the students coming from other countries seem to be interested in such genres, and you get the opportunity to be exposed to a classical instrument and its music, along with contemporary music, on a daily basis. This is a kind of experience that you cannot have in Japan. In fact, I feel like my studies here have improved my versatility as a pianist. I have realized that it is important to see music in a more holistic way, instead of categorizing it into groups by the era and style – such as early music, so-called classical music, and contemporary music – and to understand that an instrument is just a tool to perform music.