Global Home Coming ゲストの藝大体験記2 Nipan ORANNIWESNA[My Experience at GEIDAI; Global Home Coming Guest 2] Nipan ORANNIWESNA

March 24, 2017

Basic information Name, Department, Home country and city, Duration
基本情報 ①氏名、②現在の大学、③出身国・都市、④在籍期間・芸大留学時の所属

① Nipan ORANNIWESNA ニパン・オラニウェー
② Bangkok University バンコク大学
③ Thai タイ
④ 1990 – 1996・美術研究科版画 Printmaking

At present, Nipan is engaged in his artistic activities while teaching visual arts at Bangkok University.

Why did you choose Geidai as your study abroad destination on that time?

I came to TUA for the studies of printmaking. But I learned various other things too. Comparing to universities in Thailand at that time. TUA’s Faculty of Fine Arts alone offered a wider range of fields. At TUA, I was able to make friends with students in different departments and learn a broad range of fields in a cross-field manner, which enabled me to work in a wider sphere.

What did you learn at Geidai??


The experience of having learnt in a wide and cross-field manner at TUA made me start considering the big question of what art really means, which later gave a great impact on my career as an artist. TUA offers opportunities not only to meet people on campus but also work with many other people beyond the university.

What are the things that impressed you or surprised you at Geidai ?


TUA has “everything”. In particular, it has great facilities and work environment. Once you are out of the university, and continue to work as an artist, you will always struggle to secure a work environment. I think it is quite important for an artist to have an environment that provides support for his or her artistic activities on a constant basis.

How is your experience at Geidai refelected on your current job?


I am currently teaching printmaking. I have the impression that my experience at TUA is utilized when I teach my students an attitude to learn art, in addition to techniques and knowledge.

Please write a message for students.


Go outside, and go out of your home country. TUA has everything, almost perfectly, including work environment and facilities. If international students are asked how they think about this environment, they will surely answer TUA is a perfect place to study art. However, they will truly understand the perfectness of TUA’s environment once they left the university. Going outside of your university, and going abroad will give you an opportunity to realize what you have been given. You are lucky if you study at TUA. Having said that, at present, going to Japan for study itself is still difficult to realize for Asian students. Don’t miss what you are given and chances you are given, while keep trying to go far beyond where you are now.