シラパコーン大学音楽学部の来訪Students and faculty members from Silpakorn University visited our campus

April 14, 2017

2016年2月1日〜14日、シラパコーン大学からDamrin Banawitayaki 音楽学部長など教員9名、学生14名をお迎えしました。





From Feb. 1 to Feb. 14, 2017, TUA welcomed a group from Silpakorn University, which consisted of 9 faculty members including Music Dean Damrin Banawitayaki and 14 students.

Silpakorn University, Bangkok, Thailand, which first started as a school of fine arts, is now a national arts university with a variety of artistic programs including music, fine arts, and film and new media. While our Faculty of Fine Arts has been already partnering with Silpakorn University, increased communication is expected to take place between the two universities, as now we have a new partnership for the Inter-University Exchange Project (ASEAN), a national project by the Japanese education ministry that was adopted at TUA in November 2016. The people who visited our campuses this time were mainly students who are studying digital music and composing at Silpakorn.

At the Senju campus, where the Department of Music Creativity and the Environment is based, they visited the recording studio and participated in a concert and a joint lecture, during which they made a presentation on their activities as well.

They also visited the Graduate School of Film and New Media on the Yokohama campus, where they inspected a studio and enjoyed students’ works.

The group from Thailand spent 14 days in Japan to deepen exchanges with TUA students through various programs including visits to cultural facilities and recording studios in Tokyo, as well as participation to a workshop organized by the graduate program of Musical Creativity and the Environment.