2017年度前期 留学生オリエンテーション2017 Semester 1 International Student Orientation

April 19, 2017





On Thursday, April 6, 2017, from 10.30 a.m., an orientation was held for international students who started their studies at TUA from the 2017 Semester 1, at the Lecture Room 1 in the Faculty of Fine Arts Main Building on the Ueno Campus.

Approximately 60 international students were welcomed with remarks by the team of faculty and administrative members represented by Professor Mitsuko Okamoto who is also the Vice President in charge of international affairs and campus diversity. They were informed of various procedures required for their campus life at TUA along with contact information for the administrative divisions. They also heard a lecture by a speaker from the Office for Youth Affairs and Public Safety of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, who provided safety information such as the traffic rules and crime prevention measures, to have a safe student life in Japan.

Later, they went on a campus tour, visiting the University Library and the Art Media Center, where user orientations were provided both in Japanese and English, as well as the Japanese language classroom, and the International Strategy Division where the staff members were introduced.

The faculty and administrative staff members at TUA will continue to work together to support international students through day-to day communications as well as various events, so that they can enjoy their student life at TUA.