ラオス国立美術学校・ルアンパバン美術学校訪問Visit to National Institute of Fine Art and Luang Prabang Fine Arts School

May 02, 2017





A group from TUA traveled to Laos from Mar. 7 to Mar. 13, 2017 to visit the National Institute of Fine Art and Luang Prabang Fine Arts School. The group, which is mainly consisted of members of the Hasebe studio at the Inter-Media Art department, has been planning an exchange program with the Lao institutions for the academic year 2017 and needed to conduct a preliminary research for the planned program.

Following the adoption of the Inter-University Exchange Project (ASEAN) at TUA, the group intends to hold a lecture on Kabuki and traditional Japanese performing arts by Prof. Hiroshi Hasebe with a subsequent exchange of opinion session. A joint workshop based on the research of the Buddhist culture and lifestyle of monks in Laos is also planned between TUA and two Lao institutions; the National Institute of Fine Art in the capital city of Vientiane and Luang Prabang Fine Arts School in the Buddhism city of Luang Prabang, a Buddhist city registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. While staying in Laos, the group introduced activities of the department of Inter-Media Art, presented their plan for the 2017 exchange program, and exchanged opinions with the counterparts at both institutions.

In addition, the group visited temples, historical remains, and some ateliers with students and teachers of respective institutions to learn about the present situation of art and Buddhist cultures in Laos.

The group members also experienced Tak Bat, an early morning alms giving ceremony, and interviewed local monks so that they could better understand the lifestyle of Lao monks.