日本人学生と留学生の交流授業2017春学期The 2017 Spring Semester Joint Class for Japanese and International Students

August 03, 2017






On June 26 and 28, 2017, international students learning the Japanese language at a class by Project Lecturer Eriko Ishida joined a special class with Japanese students who are taking a course called Advanced English Academic Skills taught by Associate Professor Miwa Isobe at the Training Center for Foreign Languages and Diction.

The students formed mixed groups to introduce themselves in a relaxed atmosphere. Although they were all new to each other, they quickly got along and enjoyed talking on different topics. Many students later reflected that they enjoyed the class but wanted to have more time as they were aware that they needed to improve their conversation skills and increase speaking speed.

After the free discussion session, the international students made speeches in Japanese, introducing their home countries and cities, tourist spots, and local dishes. They also answered questions from the audience. The unique presentations that reflected the ideas and experiences of the respective presenters were very intriguing.

Towards the end of the class, the Japanese students made group presentations on the neighborhoods of the Ueno and Senju Campuses featuring places that seemed interesting to the students from overseas. The international students asked keen questions and took a note. They said that they would visit the places before their departure from Japan, which was expected in a few weeks.

Some Japanese and international students commented that the class motivated them to learn more and made them understand how much they could talk in the foreign language. Others said that they wished they had had an opportunity like this much earlier and that they wanted to have social occasions beyond the classroom as well. We hoped that their friendship and exchange would continue even after the class was over.