国際交流会館防災訓練2017 emergency drill at the International House

September 15, 2017






On July 17, 2017, an emergency drill was held at the International House, a dormitory for our international students. It is an annual early summer event that is offered in collaboration with the Mabashi Fire Station. The residents simulated emergency situations such as fire or earthquake and identified the evacuation route.

First of all, some international students volunteered to call the fire department and learned the steps to report a fire hazard.

Then, all the residents were engaged in firefighting operations under the direction of the firefighters from the regional fire station. Each participant tried to put out a fire using a fire extinguisher after being instructed how to inform people nearby about a fire and handle a fire extinguisher. They also learned how long a fire extinguisher can last and how far the extinguishing material can reach.

Later, all the participants got onto an “earthquake simulator truck” to experience the magnitude of a large earthquake that had actually occurred in the past. It is extremely important for international students whose native countries have no earthquakes to experience what a real earthquake is like, as it will help them behave calmly without panicking in the event of an actual earthquake. Afterwards, they left individual comments including “the shaking felt so strong even on the ground floor. I wonder what will happen if I encounter an earthquake in a high-rise building”, “I could hardly stay upright”, or “will the shaking be really so intense?”

To complete the drill, they all identified the evacuation route and learned how to operate an escape ladder. The participants were advised that they sholud ensure their own safety in the first place, assuming that emergency vehicles cannot come to rescue them at the time of a disaster.

We are most grateful to the firefighters of the Mabashi Fire Station who took time for our event to provide support and instructions in a holiday morning.