澤学長らが敦煌研究院(中国)を訪問President Sawa and faculty members of Tokyo Geidai visited Dunhuang Research Academy in China

October 06, 2017


From Sept 11 and 14, 2017, a Tokyo Geidai delegation led by President Kazuki Sawa visited Dunhuang Research Academy (DHRA) in Gansu, China. The other delegation members were Vice President Mitsuko Okamoto, Dean Akiyoshi Sako of Faculty of Music, and Director Masaaki Miyasamo of the Public Collaboration Center, as well as Professor Satoshi Yabuuchi and Lecturer Takumin Otake of Faculty of Fine Arts.

Tokyo Geidai and DHRA have maintained a long friendship of over thirty years. The two institutions signed an agreement on academic exchange in 2014 and a memorandum of understanding on joint research on cultural property in February 2017.

The visit to Dunhuang was realised with a kind invitation extended to President Sawa from DHRA Director Wang Xudong, who visited the Ueno campus in February to attend the signing ceremony.

The delegation members confirmed a solid partnership with the Chinese institution through a meeting with Dean Wang and his people at DHRA.

They also visited, under the guidance of DHRA, the Mogao Caves (a UNESCO World Heritage site) and the Yulin Caves, where they saw a number of Buddhist statues and murals to feel immediately how the arts and music existed in times of ancient China.

Embracing infinite possibilities of Tokyo Geidai and DHRA, we expect to see more active exchange in the fields of the arts, culture, and education, which will eventually lead to the further development of the two institutions.

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