アート・マネジメントの学生がカンボジア王立藝術大学を訪問Arts management students visited the Royal University of Fine Arts

December 26, 2017



プログラム初日に開催されたディスカッション・ワークショップ「Arts Management Workshop at RUFA」では、東京芸術大学を始め日本のアート・マネジメントの取り組みやカンボジアの事例の紹介が次々になされ、終日、活発な議論が展開しました。

上記のワークショップを踏まえ、プログラムの2日目には、「Arts Management What? Why? How?」と題した公開シンポジウムを開催されました。





From June 10 to 14, 2017, Professor Sumiko Kumakura, Ms. Mio Yachita, and three students in Arts Management of the Graduate School of Global Art (GA) visited the Royal University of Fine Arts (RUFA) in Cambodia to hold an exchange program.

The theme of the exchange program was “Roles of art management in Asian nations.” Students and faculty members of both universities, as well as art management practitioners based in Cambodia, came together at RUFA to participate in discussions, workshops, and study tours.

During the discussion-workshop “Arts Management Workshop at RUFA” that was held on the first day, a series of practices and projects by Tokyo Geidai and other organizations in Japan, as well as those in Cambodia, were introduced, on which the participants actively discussed throughout the day.

In line with the preceding discussion-workshop, the open symposium “Arts Management What? Why? How? ” was held on the second day. Professor Kumakura spoke about what Tokyo Geidai had practiced in the field of arts management. The following discussion dealt with the topic of significance and responsibilities of arts management education at universities.

The venue was filled with RUFA students and general participants, who actively asked questions.

During their stay in Cambodia, the students of Tokyo Geidai participated in a study tour organized by RUFA’s architecture students. They visited an art project that utilized buildings scattered all over the city of hnom Penh.

*This project is part of Tokyo Geidai’s initiative “Multi-faceted promotion by art-cultural exchange between Japan and ASEAN”, which was adopted under the Inter-University Exchange Project, Promotion of Inter-University Exchange in the ASEAN Region (Type B) by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT).