シラパコーン大学音楽学部訪問Visit to the faculty of Music of Silpakorn University in Bangkok, Thailand

July 02, 2018







An international exchange program was undertaken by Prof. Toru Kamekawa, Associate Prof. Atsushi Marui and students of the Department of the Musical Creativity and the Environment of Tokyo University of the Arts (Tokyo Geidai) at the Faculty of Music of Silpakorn University in Bangkok, Thailand from December 20 to 27, 2017.

Silpakorn University is a national university comprised of diverse faculties including music, fine arts, and media. Following the adoption of the Inter-University Exchange Project (ASEAN) by MEXT, the Department of the Musical Creativity and the Environment of Tokyo Geidai is planning on conducting more enhanced exchange programs with Silpakorn University, and this time, students who are studying composition, acoustics and psychoacoustics visited the Faculty of Music of Silpakorn.

Several activities, such as introduction of students’ activities of both universities, field work of traditional music of Thailand, workshop on field recordings and lectures on music-related topics were conducted during the exchange program.

At the introduction of students’ activities of both universities, eight students from Tokyo Geidai and four students from Silpakorn made presentations on their own works and studies, and then they had an active discussion on the contents.

Tokyo Geidai students also visited temples and the Nang Yai shadow play theater to learn about traditional music and Buddhist culture of Thailand. At each place, short lectures were given by professors of Silpakorn University while students of Tokyo Geidai worked on field recordings of the performance and ambient sounds. These recordings were arranged and edited by the students, and were played at the public lecture on 3D audio technique held on a later date.

In the lecture open to the public, Prof. Kamekawa and Assistant Prof. Marui presented respectively on music production with 3D audio technique and analytical method for tones of musical instrument with specific example of works done by Tokyo Geidai. Among the participants were students and faculty members not only from Silpakorn University, but also from the other universities in Bangkok, with whom those professors had an active Q & A session.