交流会館 2019年度第2回 防災訓練The 2nd Emergency Drill at International House in Matsudo

December 23, 2019













The second emergency drill for the year was held on December 21, 2019 at the International House in Matsudo, a dormitory for international students.

Following the opening speech by the director of International House, Mitsuko Okamoto, experts from Mabashi Fire Station of the Matsudo Fire Department explained about responses in the events of earthquakes and fires. Then a Tokyo Geidei staff member explained the cautionary points of living in Japan. The participants paid great attention to the explanations, actively asked questions, and deepened their understanding of disaster prevention measures.

Next, “how to report emergencies” training was conducted. Instruction was given, the residents practiced in pairs, and then one of the residents conducted a simulation using a notification training device.

Then the residents conducted first-aid training with mannequins, learning skills in how to do a heart massage and use an AED. The usefulness of the training demonstrated by the various questions’ participants asked, which were responded to by the fire department experts.

The final training was a drill using an evacuation ladder of the type which are installed on some of the balconies of the residence. The residents were instructed on key points for using them, and some volunteers tried descending on one.

Most residents participated in the drill, and each of them gave full participation to it.

In a review from the Mabashi Fire Station following the drill, the enthusiastic participation of the residents was noted. In summary, it was also noted that it is important to remember the drills and to respond calmly when a disaster occurs, and to be familiar with the location of fire extinguishers, evacuation routes, and evacuation sites.

We hope that the knowledge gained through the drills will be useful for the residents so that they can act calmly should a disaster occur and be safe.

(International Affairs Division)