2018年度後期 学長主催留学生懇談会(Welcome Party)2018 Fall Semester: Welcome Party for International Students

October 26, 2018








On Tuesday, October 2, 2018, a welcome party for international students, hosted by the president took place at the University Hall on the Ueno Campus. This event had been held once a year in the beginning of every spring semester to provide students and faculty and staff members with a place for international exchange. However, due to a rapid increase in the number of international students, there were many voices expecting more opportunities for such events. Therefore, in a response to such requests, it was decided for the first time to hold a party in the fall semester this year.

The party began with a warming welcome speech by Kazuki Sawa, president of Tokyo University of the Arts, followed by introduction of guests from public incorporated foundations which support our international communities. Soon afterward, a cheerful toast was given by Prof. Mitsuko Okamoto, vice president and director of Global Support Center and all who attended enjoyed the friendly conversations over the tables full of nice food.