2018年度 日本文化体験:日本の音(藝大定期邦楽)Japan Culture Experience 2018: Sound of Japan (Invitation to a Japanese Traditional Music Concert)

February 12, 2019

2018年11月21日、東京藝術大学奏楽堂において、本学留学生約25名が日本文化体験イベントの一環として「藝大定期 邦楽 第85回」を鑑賞しました。




On November 21, 2018, about 25 international students were invited to the Faculty of Music at Tokyo University of the Arts’ 85th Regular Concert of Japanese Traditional Music (Hogaku) .

For many international students, it was their first time to listen to Hogaku. They enjoyed about three hours of music performances and learned about various different kinds of “Sound of Japan,” such as Koto, Shakuhachi, Gagaku, Nihonbuyou, Nagauta or Noh.

We deeply appreciate the Faculty of Music and the Performance Art Center for their special support to the international student community.