「あなたの研究・創作で日本語を学ぶ」プログラム "Learning Japanese through Your Research and Creation" Program

April 15, 2019





In FY 2018, “Learning Japanese through Your Research and Creation” was
held for international students studying at graduate school.
This program was designed with the aim of offering opportunities for
international students to present their research and creative activities in
Japanese language. Faculty of Fine Arts (Professor Takeshi Sunaga of the
Design department as the main coordinator, Professor Mitsuhiro Kanada of the
Architecture department, Professor Kazuhiko Hachiya of the Inter-media art
department, and Professor Masato Nakamura of the Oil painting department)
collaborated with the Japanese language instructor Eriko Ishida, provided
guidance and advice through their aural presentation and also preparing and
reviewing own performance. They have made progress in their ability to express
themselves as an artist in Japanese language.

This opportunity has also become a good chance for the international students
to encourage each other by listening presentation and exchanging opinions with
friends studying in different fields.
We welcome to this class not only international students but also professors
and Japanese students as audience and commentators!