【レポート】留学生のための日本文化体験プログラム 「書道体験ワークショップ」[Report] Japanese Culture Experience Program “Japanese Calligraphy Workshop”

November 30, 2021

2021年11月25日(木)に、東京藝術大学の留学生を対象とする「オンライン&対面 書道ワークショップ」を開催しました。







On November 25, 2021, the Japanese Culture Experience Program “Japanese Calligraphy Workshop” was held online and in person at the Ueno Campus’ Faculty of Fine Art Chuo Building utilizing the Lecture Room 3 video streaming facilities. The lecturer was Sayaka Yanagida (Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Fine Arts) with interpretation provided by Ann Yamamoto (Project Lecturer, Global Support Center).

The event began with a short lecture on the history of calligraphy and an explanation of Japanese calligraphy tools, posture and how to convey the brush. The lecturer covered how calligraphy has permeated Japanese culture, and international students especially seemed interested in the history of calligraphy around the world.

The writing practice session followed the lecture. Students selected kanji in advance and the lecturer prepared calligraphy samples. Some students did calligraphy based on a sample, while others made creative arrangements based on the meanings of the kanji characters, and all the works were full of individuality. The event concluded with student presentations of their work, including the meaning of the kanji and reasons for their selection.

Participants included both experienced calligraphers and beginners, and they all made satisfactory works thanks to the lecturer’s overview and kanji samples. Students expressed their appreciation for getting a glimpse into the world of calligraphy, and some students wanted more time for the workshop. It was wonderful to see their serious engagement with Japanese calligraphy.

This workshop was the first in-person event for international students since COVID-19 and provided a great opportunity for students to get to know each other.

(Global Support Center)