あなたの研究・創作で日本語を学ぶLearning Japanese through Your Research and Works

September 05, 2019






(特任講師 石田恵里子)

The “Learning Japanese through Your Research and Works” program was held on June 18 and July 2.

This program is designed to provide international students with an opportunity to share their research and creative activities in Japanese.

Following each presentation, the speakers got comments by professors from the Faculty of Fine Arts: Professor Mitsuhiro Kanada from the department of Architecture and Professor Natsumi Araki from the department of Inter-media art for the first session, and Professor Michael Schneider from the department of Oil painting and Professor Mariko Kitano from the department of Conservation for the second session.

Before and after the class, the Japanese language instructor Eriko Ishida helped speakers individually in making the script and PPT, practicing articulation, and reviewing their performance after the presentation. By working on these processes, they have improved their ability to express themselves as artists in Japanese.

This session was also a good opportunity for them to encourage each other by sharing ideas and their experiences with international friends from various countries, in various research fields.

We have two more sessions on November 19 and 26.

We welcome not only international students but also professors and Japanese students as audience and commentators.

(Project Lecturer, Eriko Ishida)