2019年度後期 留学生オリエンテーション&学長主催留学生懇談会2019 Fall Semester: International Student Orientation & Welcome Party

November 08, 2019






最初に岡本美津子グローバルサポートセンター長より、留学生は芸大に多様性をもたらしてくれる存在であるとの歓迎の言葉が述べられました。多様性は、東京藝術大学が創立130年にあたって策定した「NEXT 10 Vision」でも掲げられた「革新性」、「国際性」とならぶヴィジョンの一つでもあります。










On October 2, 2019, an orientation was held on the Ueno campus for the international students who joined Tokyo University of the Arts in the fall semester 2019.

First, the students visited the University Library and the Art Media Center (AMC) and received instructions on how to use facilities available for their studies and creative activities. Following the tour, an orientation was held in the Faculty of Fine Arts Main Building. Approximately 40 international students attended, for whom members of the Global Support Center and the International Affairs Office provided various information, ranging from an introduction to the university to things to keep in mind during their stay in Japan as an international student.

After the orientation, a welcome party hosted by the President Kazuki Sawa took place at the cafeteria “Castle” inside the University Hall to welcome those new international students.

Professor Mitsuko Okamoto, Director of the Global Support Center, made a welcome address, where she noted that it is international students that bring diversity to the campus, which is one of the three visions that the university has under its slogan “Next 10 Vision – be innovative, be diverse, be global.”

Then, President Kazuki Sawa, made a toast with warm words of encouragement, and everyone started talking to one another while enjoying the food at the same time.

Representatives from foundations that provide financial support for international students were also present at the party as invited guests. Each one of them gave a stirring speech, where they talked about their organizations and programs to support international students.

Before the closure of the party, Mr. Zhang Yusong, a piano student in the Graduate School of Music performed a piece “Sonetto 104 del Petrarca” by Franz Liszt, and everyone in the audience seemed fascinated by the beautiful sounds produced by him.

The party went well, highlighted by lively conversations among participants. It was a good opportunity, not only for new students but also for students enrolled from the previous year and members of faculty members, to deepen the friendships among them.

The team of International Affairs Division and the Global Support Center will continue to work together to provide support for international students so that they can fully enjoy their student life at Tokyo Geidai.


(Global Support Center / International Affairs Office)