本所防災館ツアーHonjo Bosaikan Tour for Emergency Training

December 25, 2019







The Natural Disaster Prevention Tour at Honjo Bosaikan was conducted on Saturday, November 2, 2019.

The tour commenced with an earthquake awareness video, which included examples from recent big earthquakes showing how people reacted and what contributed to their survival. Then, everyone went through the Smoke Maze Section, the Firefighting Training Section, the First Aid Training Room and the Earthquake Simulation Section.

At the Firefighting Training Section, all the participants used a fire extinguisher and experienced firefighting. Some of the students said they knew in theory how to use a fire extinguisher, but had never actually used one. It was an invaluable experience to practice using the equipment they would actually have to use in a real emergency.

At the Earthquake Simulation Section, they experienced an earthquake simulation with a seismic intensity of 7. For participants who have never experienced a big earthquake, it was a good opportunity to get a very realistic sense of the shock and fear that they may feel when such a big earthquake hits, and to recognize the importance of preparing themselves for emergency situations.

Having completed the two-hour tour full of hands-on activities, participants said that they found it more practical and meaningful than they had expected, and that they were glad to have participated.

(International Affairs Division)