2019年度海外留学説明会(後期)2019 Fall Semester Study Abroad Information Session

December 27, 2019











On December 12, 2019, a study abroad information session organized by the International Affairs Division was held in the Lecture Room 3 of the Faculty of Fine Arts on the Ueno Campus. Featuring talks by Project Professor Yoshie Itani of the Global Support Center and staff members of the Faculty of Fine Arts and the Faculty of Music who are in charge of student exchange with partner institutions overseas, as well as two students who just returned from their respective study abroad programs utilizing the “Tobitate! Study Abroad Initiative,” this information session provided basic information on study abroad and presentations based on personal experiences.


Approximately 40 students attended the session, and they were actively engaging in gathering information by taking notes while listening to each speaker and taking photos of presentation slides. Most of the participants stayed for the one-on-one consultation following the talks, where the speakers and members of the International Affairs Division received various questions. Participants also crowded around the table of reference materials, which left the impression that many students are considering studying abroad seriously and proactively.


The International Affairs Division and the Global Support Center intend to organize an information session like this one on a regular basis in order to provide support for those aiming to study abroad.


(International Affairs Division)



“Tobitate” alumni giving presentations


Faculty and staff members answering questions from participants