池袋防災館ツアーIkebukuro Bosaikan Tour for Emergency Training

December 09, 2020







The Natural Disaster Prevention Tour at Ikebukuro Bosaikan for the international students of Tokyo Geidai was conducted on Saturday, November 28, 2020. The tour commenced with an earthquake awareness video, which was added to the program on the day of the event through Ikebukuro Bosaikan’s kindness. Then, the participants were divided into small groups to go through the Smoke Maze Section, the Firefighting Training Section, the First Aid Training Room, and the Earthquake Simulation Section.

At the Firefighting Training Section, all the participants used a fire extinguisher and experienced firefighting. Some of the students had never used it before, but everyone listened eagerly to the instructor’s explanation and practiced it.


At the Earthquake Simulation Section, they experienced an earthquake simulation with a seismic intensity of 7. Since there was a slightly larger earthquake in the Kanto region about a week before this tour, everyone showed a strong interest in this section.

One of the participants shared his/her impression that the participant hadn’t had much sense of crisis in daily life because the participant had never encountered a big earthquake but it was important to have such a sense of crisis since Japan is a country where earthquakes occur frequently.

They also experienced how to use the AED (Automated External Defibrillator) etc. during the two hours’ tour. It was an opportunity for the participating international students to raise their awareness of disaster prevention in different environments from their own country.

(International Affairs Division)