[Report] Edogawa Gakuen International Exchange Workshop[Report] Edogawa Gakuen International Exchange Workshop

July 03, 2024



On June 1st 2024, 8 international students from different departments from Tokyo University of the Arts participated in the “International exchange program in Edogawa Gakuen Toride Junior High School ”, a school which is located near the TUA Toride Campus. This program is held every year on the topic of International exchange and Peace. The objective of this program is to promote the connection between high schools and universities by engaging in activities with the local community. 

The International students prepared and implemented different workshops connected to their own countries, art practices and research topics. The workshops included expanding the meaning of everyday objects like umbrellas, depicting imaginary creatures to imagine different perspectives, expressing and experiencing shared spaces and memories through physical movement, and drawing inspiration from folk tales of different countries to create new mythical creatures.